Reviews and Testimonials

"Even for a 6’10” 210-pound tester, the wheels certainly felt plenty stiff, especially when sprinting and laying power down on climbs. There was almost no discernible side-to-side flex, certainly even less than some 32-spoke wheels we’ve tried."  CX Magazine - Read the full review here.

"They are clearly made to a very high standard, and the ride quality is beyond reproach.  Anyone with £550 to spend should choose Alto hubs over Chris King for ease of maintenance and improvements in stiffness/ride quality reasons and over DT Swiss simply because they are more special and they perform better.  They are clearly among the very best hubs."  DCR Wheels Hub Review - Read the full review here.

"I found the CC40s to be a perfect wheel for a road bike having both aerodynamic properties as well as great handling.  How the hub is designed makes for a very stiff wheel that corners great and is fast in acceleration." - Rear the full review here

"The power I was putting into the pedals was immediately transferred into the wheel.  There was no lag, like you see in a lot of other wheels."  Triathlon Taren - Watch the video here. 

"They’ve eliminated virtually any chance for anything to wobble, lean, tilt or otherwise introduce slop to the system.  They're some of the smoothest wheels I’ve spun in recent memory. Sometimes, when things roll so smooth, there’s a bit of play at the axle, but there’s absolutely none here." - Read full reviews here and here.

"Regarding the ride quality, the CC40 managed to hit the sweet spot for my weight (~75kg), such that the wheels felt firm and robust without ever being harsh. As for the lateral stiffness, I never noticed any brake rub, and when fitted to a bike with barely enough clearance at the chainstays for the 27mm wide tyres, the paintwork remained scuff-free." - Read the full review here.

"I’ve never felt smoother and freer-spinning hubs before. On the demo ride, I was amazed at how quickly the wheels would spin up and would then hold their speed." - Read the full review here.

"The overall ride quality was one of the best I have experienced and it wasn’t accomplished by sacrificing stiffness." Fit Nation Magazine - Read the full review here.

"Smarter, not harder.  That is the impression these hubs left on me."  Kogel Bearings

"The wheels were everything Bobby claimed.  More responsive, less lateral flex and faster than the Zipps"  Bethel Cycle

"I'm super impressed. Not only is the lateral stiffness far better than what I've ridden before, but they just feel super fast."  Simon Kessler - Simon Says Coaching - Watch the video here.

"Right away, at the start of my first interval I was amazed at how well the wheels moved underneath me. Every watt was being transferred to the wheels. They just didn’t want to stop rolling. The team at Alto Cycling have really innovated the best wheel on the market." Adam O'Connor - Professional Triathlete


Bobby Sweeting
Bobby Sweeting