Joe Skipper

Nationality: British
Hometown: Cringleford, Norwich, UK
Born: 1988
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167 lbs
Discipline: Pro Ironman Triathlete


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Career Highlights

1st       2015 Rubicon Triathlon
1st       2014 Challenge Weymouth
1st       2014 Bala Middle DIstance Triathlon
1st       2014 Rubicon Middle Distance Triathlon
1st       2013 Vachery Triathlon
1st       2011 British Middle Distance Championships
1st       2011 Fritton Viking Middle DIstance Triathlon
2nd      2015 Ironman Texas
2nd      2014 Ironman UK
3rd      2015 Ironman UK
3rd      2015 ITU Long Distance World Championships
4th      2013 Challenge Aarhus
6th      2014 Ironman Barcelona
13th     2015 Ironman World Championships


  • What are your favorite hobbies?

Going out cycling with my mates on a Sunday ride, putting digs in to put each other into the hurt locker, then a decent cafe stop! Can you get a better hobby?

  • How did you get your start in triathlon?

I started when I was 13. I was swimming and running, then my dad brought me a bike for Christmas. 

  • What is your favorite discipline of the three?

Certainly not the swim! 

  • What is your favorite race of the year?

Any race where I'm standing on top of the podium! 

  • What has been the best moment of your career so far?

Placing 2nd at ironman Texas with the 3rd fastest bike split in Ironman history, at the time. It was a big breakthrough performance!

  • What will be your first race in 2016, and what are your big goal races?

My first race will be Challenge Wanaka in February. I'll be doing a double header at the start of the year in New Zealand with Wanaka on February 20th and ironman New Zealand on March 6th.  Then after New Zealand my goal will be Challenge Roth where I want to go sub 8 hours and break the British record.  After this it will be ironman Hawaii in October where I really want to do a big performance.

  • What was your first impression of Alto during your maiden ride on the new wheels? 

I thought they were really stiff and didn't flex like previous wheels which I've used in the past. They just felt smooth and fast!

  • Why does your equipment selection play an important role in training and racing? How does a stiffer a smoother riding wheel set help in triathlon?

Equipment selection is bloody massive. It's all marginal gains. You can gain a few watts in loads of different areas through equipment, which can turn into big differences when added together. A stiffer wheel set can make a big difference as there's loads of people I know who have wheels that rub against the break blocks when climbing a hill or accelerating, which is wasted watts. 

  • What is your ultimate career goal?

To win the Ironman World Championships. It's the pinnacle of the sport. Aim for the stars and if you fail you will land on the clouds!