Ryan Giuliano

Nationality: USA
Hometown: Schaumburg, IL
Born: 1984
Discipline: Ironman Triathlete

Website: http://ryangiuliano.com/

Social Media:     

Career Highlights

1st       Overall: Ironman Grand Rapids 70.3
1st       Overall: Ironman Muncie 70.3
1st       Overall: Indoor Midwest Triathlon Championships
1st       Overall: Memphis Olympic Triathlon
1st       Overall: Rev3 Wisconsin Dells
1st       Overall: Galena Triathlon
1st       Overall: Leon's Triathlon
1st       AG30-34: Ironman Cozumel
1st       AG30-34: Ironman Kansas 70.3
3rd      AG30-34: Ironman World Championships


  • What are your favorite hobbies?

My absolute favorite hobby is traveling.  One of the best parts about racing triathlon is that it has allowed me to not only travel throughout the US, but also to many other countries including France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Austria, Belgium, and Hungary.  

  • How did you get your start in triathlon?

I started triathlon as a sophomore in college.  Up to that point, I did not know how to swim and my bike consisted of a rusty mountain bike that was used to get around campus.  My roommate at the time competed in triathlons and introduced me to the sport.  I joined him on a few swims, picked up a bike, and was immediately hooked after doing my first triathlon in the summer of 2005.

  • What is your favorite discipline of the three?

The run is my favorite.  I grew up running and competed in cross country and track at the University of Illinois.  It's definitely nice having my strongest discipline last as that's where I'm most confident.

  • What is your favorite race of the year?

The Ironman World Championships is my favorite race by far.  Going to Hawaii each year and racing against the best athletes in the world is something that I look forward to each year, and I base my season around that one day.  The race has the perfect combination of challenges due to the difficult course and unpredictable wind and heat.

  • What has been the best moment of your career so far?

The best moment was shortly after finishing the Ironman World Championships in 2015.  During the race, and even after crossing the line, I didn't know what place I'd finished or how I had done.  I knew I had a great race and was near the front end of the field, but when I went to the results table and received the news that I had finished 38th overall in the world, I almost went into shock.  It exceeded my expectations, especially after battling an injury and poor performance at the 70.3 World Championships just a month prior.  

  • What will be your first race in 2016, and what are your big goal races?

2016 will be a fully loaded schedule and I cannot wait!  I'll be kicking the season off at Oceanside 70.3 is California on April 2nd.  As for key races, I'm focused on the North American Ironman Championships in Texas and the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

  • What was your first impression of Alto during your maiden ride on the new wheels? 

Smooth and FAST!  Everything one would look for when deciding on a wheel set up.  A great aero profile, smooth hubs, stiff, and light!  When I first put the Alto wheels on my bike, I took them out and put them through the paces.  Quick accelerations, bombing downhills, long straightaways, and short punchy climbs -- I did it all, and they performed flawlessly.  

  • Why does your equipment selection play an important role in training and racing? How does a stiffer a smoother riding wheel set help in triathlon?

Many would say that I'm tri nerd as I love to geek out on all of the latest and greatest stuff.  But I'm very practical and make sure to do my research on all products before ever considering to use them.  After seeing what Alto had done with their wheels (design and build quality, especially) and the success that their riders have had, I have no doubt that I will have an edge over any wheels I've used in the past.  

  • What is your ultimate career goal?

As simple as it may seem, I find success if I can improve upon the previous season while having fun and enjoying the process.  There are a few key goals that I would love to accomplish and those include being the first overall amateur finisher at the Ironman World Championships and 70.3 World Championships.