Service Manual

Rim Brake Hub Service: 2017-Present


Disc Brake Hub Service: 2016-Present


Disc Brake Boost MTB Hub Service: 2017-Present


Rim Brake Hub Service: 2014-2016


Proper Skewer Installation

Install the wheel on the bicycle with the quick release lever on the non-drive side of the bike. Adjust the threaded end on the drive side to just contact the dropout when the lever is in line parallel with the axle. Close the lever so that it is now at a 90 degree angle to the axle with the Alto logo visible and facing away from the bike. It should require enough force to close the quick release lever to leave a clear imprint in your hand. If no imprint is left, the skewer is not tight enough. Tighten the dive side end in increments and reclose the quick release until proper tension is felt.

9 and 10 Speed Conversion 

Alto wheelsets come with an 11 speed Shimano and SRAM compatible free hub installed. To run 9 or 10 speed cassettes, the proper conversion spacer must be installed on the free hub body before the cassette is installed. Follow cassette manufacturer’s instructions for proper cassette installation or have a professional install the cassette if you do not feel comfortable installing it yourself.

Brake Pad Replacement

Remove the small retaining bolts at the rear of the brake shoes using the appropriate tool. Slide the brake pads out of the rear of the brake shoes. Slide the new brake pads in from the rear of the brake shoes making sure the arrows on the back of the pads are pointing forwards and that the pads are on the correct side of the bike: Left on Left, Right on Right. Reinstall the retaining bolts and tighten down using the appropriate tool.

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