Price: $100 per wheel ($200 per set) - Including all shipping costs!


All Wheels Will Include:

Post-Race Purchasing:  After you set a new personal best, feel free to leave those wheels on your bike!  You can purchase the wheels at a discounted price depending on how many times that set as been rented.  Each time they're used, the purchase price drops $100!  And don't forget, the rental fee will be deducted from the purchase price as well!  For example, a CT311 disc wheel that has already been rented three times would give you the option to purchase it for only $1590.  The exact purchase price of your rental wheel will not be disclosed until you receive them, so the wheel could be brand new or used a handful of times.  No matter what, though, all of our rental wheels will in beautiful race-winning condition!  If you decide to keep the wheels and want them in a different color, we'll send you the decals for free!



Please fill out the information below to inquire about rental wheels!  There is absolutely no obligation or payment associated with submitting this form!

Liability Waiver
The user or users, and all parents or gaurdians to those users under 18 years of age, hereby waive any and all rights to claims for damages which may occur during or after the wheel rental period. Only the user(s) submitting the proper rental information and driver's license will be permitted to use the agreed upon wheels, and only for the agreed upon event. No other person is permitted to use the wheels before, during, or after the rental period unless purchased by the user. The user(s) acknowledges that they are in proper condition to participate in the event, and understand the handling capabilities of all aluminum and carbon Alto wheels, as well as how any enviromental factors such as wind will effect handling and stability. The user(s) also acknowledges that the appropriate cassette must be properly installed on their Alto wheels prior to use, and that the user(s) has the correct tools in order to properly do so. If the user(s) does not have the proper tools or is incapable of properly installing the cassette, the user(s) must seek professional assistance. Alto Cycling shall not be held accountable for any personal injuries sustained by the user(s) or any persons that the user(s) may endanger while in possession of Alto wheels. The user(s) shall be responsible for the full retail replacement cost of the wheels in the event that they are lost or stolen.

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